Global Sight Initiative is an expansive network comprised of 3 collaborating international non-governmental organizations (INGOs), 10 mentor institutions and more than 55 mentee hospitals spanning across the world.  

Each member in this network plays a pivotal role in reaching our common goal of eliminating preventable and curable blindness. The network strives to increase the productivity of partner mentee hospitals to achieve our common goal of eliminating preventable and curable blindness. Through capacity building work, we identify promising methods of practice and continue to increase the number of high quality, high volume and sustainable eye care services provided by hospitals in the GSI network.

Global Sight Initiative is a marvelous initiative for the eradication of blindness, especially in the developing world. We work with partners and wherever we find that they could do better, we just try to influence them by sharing our own experience so that ultimately, the service reaches the community very effectively and many more people get to see once again.
— Dr. Asim Sil, Medical Director, Vivekananda Mission Asram Netra Niramay Niketan Eye Hospital, West Bengal

The Global Sight Initiative is a rapidly growing network that functions with continual improvement as a driving force.

The collaborating organizations and mentor institutions continue to improve through sharing preferred methods and opportunities for additional strengthening through collaboration and access to expert advisors. Learn More about how GSI works